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Data insights to scale your organisation

360Leaders’ proprietary Data Insights Platform can take the pain out of scaling your organisation

Scaling an organisation is hard. But it’s been done before, and the challenges faced are not unique.

Use our Data Insights Platform to identify and anticipate organisational challenges based on your strategy, and understand best practice solutions.

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Scaling is Hard

Scaling an organisation is hard — leaders face challenges that they may not have faced before, while dealing with many other competing priorities. Common challenges include:

Organisational Structure
Bitmap 2
Process vs. Agility
Bitmap 3
Role of the HQ vs. Regions
Bitmap 4
Product Roadmap
Bitmap 5
Team Capabilities
Bitmap 6
People Forecasts

Getting it wrong is costly.

When scaling goes wrong it is costly. It can lead to company failure.

  • Ineffective Delivery: The organisation may not have the capabilities and setup to deliver its planned objectives
  • Wasted Time: Leadership time is spent on resolving organisational issues, not focused on other critical topics
  • Lost Runway: Organisational issues can delay progress and cost money to resolve

Our solution.

360Leaders’ Data Insights Platform identifies and anticipates organisational challenges based on the firm’s strategy, and shares best practice solutions.


Hypothesis Led

Focused on the organisational drivers that have the greatest impact

Bitmap 2

Strategically Aligned

Insights take into account the organisation's strategy and objectives

Bitmap 3

Action Orientated

Prioritises actions and shares best practice to enable quick, effective resolution

How it works.

We gather targeted information to assess the organisation across four dimensions, and produce a prioritised set of actions aligned with the company’s strategy.

Targeted Information Gathering

Three sources of information:
  1. Employee Survey
  2. HR Employee Data
  3. Strategy

Organisational Assessment

Assessment on four dimensions:
  1. Direction
  2. Design
  3. Effectiveness
  4. People

Report with Prioritised Actions

Two key outputs:
  1. Report with Prioritised Actions
  2. Explanatory Discussion

We know time is precious. The solution is designed to be as easy as possible – a similar level of effort to an engagement survey.

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