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Clean-tech round up: April

April has seen a decisive change in climate change rhetoric as coverage in the news has stepped up, and the biggest civil disobedience campaign in modern British history has shaken London out of the daily grind. Whichever side of whichever debate you sit, environmental collapse is definitely on the agenda. Despite this, major ripples in

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Clean-tech round up: March

March was a month of ups and downs for sustainability. Major school strikes brought climate action to forefront of the press and political debate. The depressing news that 33 global banks have funnelled $1.9 trillion into fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement was hardly mitigated by Shell’s announcement of its first emissions reduction target of

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Disruption in financial services

Implications for Hiring Rocked by recent regulations and a wave of technological advancement, the financial services sector is growing at an unprecedented pace. Where big-name banks once maintained an unshakeable grip on the market, fast-moving, tech-savvy start-ups are challenging the bricks-and-mortar model by giving the people a seamless and efficient way to manage their money.

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