Month: March 2019

“The warm body syndrome” versus hiring the talent you need

Considering a poor hire at director level with a salary level of £100,000 can cost a business upwards of £314,000, recruiting the wrong person at executive level is a situation that no board wants to find themselves in. Yet, all too often, businesses suffer from warm body syndrome – a condition which, if not caught

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Clean-tech round up: March

March was a month of ups and downs for sustainability. Major school strikes brought climate action to forefront of the press and political debate. The depressing news that 33 global banks have funnelled $1.9 trillion into fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement was hardly mitigated by Shell’s announcement of its first emissions reduction target of

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Smiling man 360leaders Executive search

Is chemistry key when hiring your next C-suite leader?

In 2017, Cass Business School, University of London, published the results of their research into why some people fail to make the right impression in high pressure situations, such as job interviews. They described the dilemma as one of ‘impression mismanagement’ – a term that could be equally applied both to candidates and the employers

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