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360Leaders announces Organisational Strategy offering

As part of a mission to ensure high-growth companies achieve their most ambitious goals, 360Leaders – the leading executive search firm supporting investors, scale-ups and boards worldwide – has expanded its offering to include a suite of Organisational Strategy services.

These Organisational Strategy services include:

  • Organisational Design: ensuring a business’ organisational structures are designed to evolve with their changing ambitions.
  • Organisational Effectiveness: optimising a business’ ways of working to support their growth journey.
  • Management Assessment: identifying strategic opportunities to develop a leadership team’s skills in alignment with their organisation’s next stage of growth.
  • Data Insights Platform: conducting a targeted, data-led assessment of critical organisational value drivers for high-growth tech businesses, to identify actionable insights that support growth.

Together, these services ensure that growth companies’ organisational structures, ways of working and people are set-up to scale with their ambitions; building high-functioning organisations and teams which are designed to meet their long-term business goals.

360Leaders are offering these services both on retainer to support VCs with their entire portfolio, and on a project basis to advise scale-up leaders and boards.

Expert Organisational Strategy consultants craft a bespoke roadmap for growth organisations

360Leaders’ top-tier Organisational Strategy team includes Rupert Lion, Daniel Sheen, Catherine McLaughlin Bhagwat and James Faber who have amassed extensive experience in organisational strategy, management consultancy and tech, including at: OC&C, Marakon, Deloitte, EY, Q5 and Deliveroo.

Leveraging in-depth insights into what organisational strategies help growth businesses succeed – and what can trip them up – 360Leaders’ expertise, pattern recognition and proprietary data generates actionable recommendations for leadership teams that make an impact from Day 1 of implementation. The output is a bespoke roadmap – a blueprint for how an organisation can most effectively and efficiently operate and scale to deliver its overall strategy.

Initial successes set the scene for a strategy revolution

Thus far, 360Leaders have successfully undertaken Organisational Strategy assignment with Series B, C, D and public businesses, as well as their investors, including: Creandum, Kinnevik, Summa Equity, Vivino, Tibber, TravelPerk, SafetyWing, Otovo, FirstVet, Simple Feast and Banked.

Commenting on 360Leaders’ Organisational Strategy offering, Rupert Lion, Managing Director at 360Leaders said:

“I am pleased to announce the official, public launch of our Organisational Strategy offering, which comes on the back of numerous successfully completed assignments over the past 12 months. During this time, we have also consolidated our Organisational Strategy team to include highly-qualified and experienced consultants who share 360Leaders’ hallmark passion for working with the today’s most exciting tech businesses.

“Furthermore, these initial successes come at a turbulent time for the tech market, which underscores how getting your organisational strategy right is imperative to business success. By utilizing these new services, our clients have not only been able to identify where there are critical capability gaps – but whether these can be filled internally, either by upskilling or reshuffling team members. This helps ensure they are effectively utilising all available resources – more crucial now than ever before.”

Strategy and search: A holistic offering that de-risks the hiring process

360Leaders will continue to offer its best-in-class Executive Search service, strengthening its reputation as the leading headhunting firm for growth companies.

Whilst their Organisational Strategy and Executive Search offerings are stand-alone, some businesses looking to scale their headcount have also utilised 360Leaders’ Organisational Strategy offering in order to de-risk the hiring process by validating that all roles they are hiring for are necessary to achieve their long-term business strategy.

Moreover, during an Organisational Strategy assignment, 360Leaders amasses in-depth insights into a business’ unique vision, strategy, culture and teams. This makes them expertly placed to consequently support these businesses with any future hiring needs they may require – giving clients peace of mind that new hires will be both a strong fit and make a tangible impact from Day 1.

Commenting on the complementary nature of their two offerings, Martin Falch, CEO at 360Leaders said:

“We are proud to have built such a strong reputation as the go-to Executive Search firm for tech growth businesses – building lasting partnerships with founders, management teams, boards and investors.

“With our new Organisational Strategy services, we help clients understand the organisational design, processes and roles they need to achieve their ambitions, and we continue to fulfil our overarching mission: to help drive forward the tech industry by building better and more effective organisations and management teams.”

Read about our recent Organisational Strategy projects here, or get in touch to book a 30 minute consultation and discover how we can support you or your portfolio companies.

About 360Leaders

360Leaders are the leading Organisational Strategy and Executive Search firm supporting scale-ups, boards and investors worldwide. Leveraging long-term and trusted partnerships, 360Leaders helps growth businesses build both high-functioning organisations and teams, which are aligned to their long-term business goals. Taking pride in supporting the businesses that will define the future, 360Leaders measure their success not only by the speed at which they solve hiring challenges, but by the impact of their work after 12 months.