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Engagement surveys are becoming increasingly popular with high growth tech companies. They’ve become the go-to way to ensure your team is happy and to manage employee turnover in a hybrid world.

But what are engagement surveys designed to do? And are they right for high growth tech companies?

What are engagement surveys designed to do?

Employee surveys focused on ‘employee attitudes’ date back to the 1920s. Over the following decades their use slowly grew. In the 1990s they were repositioned as ‘engagement surveys’ and became ubiquitous across large corporates.

They have been jazzed up as for the 2020s as ‘pulse surveys’ with online portals to access data. Sometimes asking a few DEI questions. However, fundamentally little has changed.

Engagement surveys are designed for large, static companies. Corporates where employees are cogs in an unchanging machine. To be successful, the company wants the cogs to function well (work hard) and not break (quit).

High growth tech companies need to think beyond engagement to scale

Having an engaged team is no doubt important. However, there are a myriad of other people and organisational factors which are equally, if not more important, for dynamic, high-growth companies.

These factors include:

  • Alignment: does your team understand your strategy and goals?
  • Objectives: does everyone in the organisation have clear objectives consistent with the strategy?
  • Organisational Structure: is the organisation structured to focus on what matters most, carefully balancing the role of HQ with other countries?
  • Capabilities: does the team have the capabilities to succeed today and tomorrow?
  • Decisions Making: are decisions made at the right speed, using the right MI, involving the right people from across the organisation?
  • Leadership: are team leaders managing their teams effectively to drive performance, development and retention?

360Leaders is an organisational strategy firm which has codified the critical organisational factors for high growth tech companies. Our data platform compliments an upgraded employee survey with HR data and the company’s strategic objectives, to develop holistic insights to help you scale your organisation. The platform identifies and anticipates organisational challenges, and shares best practice solutions from successful peers.

Want to get an employee survey that’s designed for your company? Talk to one of our organisational strategy experts.