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The Power in Vulnerability

From an early age, we are led to believe that the most successful leaders are invincible. For every question, they have an answer. Within every discipline, they boast unrivalled prowess and unlimited expertise. With this in mind, it’s not difficult to see why so many entrepreneurs take on the role of the infallible leader when

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Developing effective strategies in the industry 4.0 age

360Leaders is one of the leading digital and technology executive search firms, and the talent partner of choice for some of the most well-known and fastest-growing global tech companies, including Ubereats, Box and Apple. A key element of Martin’s role is in providing strategic counsel to support tech companies at every stage of their lifecycle,

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What makes a CEO a tech-talent magnet?

It is widely assumed that as the head of the organisation, the CEO shapes the perception people have of it. Their face is the most prominent and visible to all, if well-regarded, their organisations’ reputation is enhanced, as is their ability to attract and retain the best talent. But what makes one tech CEO more

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Welcoming women on board

When it comes to women in boardrooms the score card is still well below par. Traditionally the preserve of Scottish golf clubs and common practice among some of London’s members-only institutions – from Whites to Boodles and the Garrick, many of Mayfair’s finest still remain exclusively of a male persuasion. According to Professor Ruth Sealy

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The top ten tips for building boards

An extract from the 360Leaders’ CEO Academy on how to build Boards for CEOs and founders of start-ups, which was facilitated by Margaret Rice-Jones, once a CEO and now chairing several VC backed businesses. “A board will never feel right but imbalance is normal. The board needs constant management and as CEO, it’s hard to

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