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360Leaders presents Coming of age: a new era for Berlin tech

Emma Pott, 360Leaders Consultant, presents Coming of age: a new era for Berlin tech.

On 19th September in Berlin, members of the 360 Network will gather to discuss the opportunities and challenges of Europe.

With a focus on Berlin, executives in attendance will discuss the tech landscape, its changing shape with international investment and the stability of the talent ecosystem, at a unique, exclusive and intimate venue in the capital.

“The Berlin tech scene has come a long way in the last ten years. We want to explore that journey, discussing the reasons why it has changed and what impact these changes are having on the Berlin tech ecosystem.”

Said Emma, 360Leaders lead for the German market. This year, Germany has made up 17 per cent of 360Leaders placements, displaying their ability to be a true global partner to some of the industry’s most dynamic companies.

Explaining why she is passionate about the market and event, she continued:

“I grew up in Berlin, so this city has a special place in my heart. By opening up the 360Network, and allowing executives within the Berlin ecosystem to connect, we can explore the challenges that companies are facing.

All of our attendants have been through or are going through hyper-growth journeys within the Berlin ecosystem. Some of them are first-time founders, whereas others have a multitude of experience. It will be interesting for them to learn from each other and share their stories and perspectives so that we can, together, learn how to overcome these challenges best.”

Attending the event are some of Germany’s most innovative companies.

If you’d like to know more about 360Leaders work in the German market, then please get in touch with Emma at [email protected]