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Tink hires Dr. Cyrosch Kalateh to lead DACH region

Europe’s leading open banking platform, Tink, adds Dr. Cyrosch Kalateh to its leadership team, to expand its footprint in the German market.

Since launching in 2012, Tink has grown employee numbers from 20 in 2016 to 270 in 2020. During this time, the open banking platform that gives access to financial data from 2,500 banks in Europe has brought its solution to over 14 different markets and expanded its delivery to reach over 250 million bank customers.

Key to their success is their talent. Since 2019, 360Leaders has helped Tink to expand in 5 new markets. This has enabled Tink to hire local talent with established networks and keep close to its customers.

Tinks most recent hire, Dr. Cyrosch Kalateh, has spent the last decade consulting on banking and digitalisation across the DACH region, across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He has held senior positions with fintech auxmoney and consultancy firm Bain and Company. 

‘When you see a company like Tink, you want to be a part of it,’ says Cyrosch. ‘I love nothing more than to be riding Tink’s incredible success story and to be writing it in the DACH region. Chances like this don’t come along very often in life – when they do, you grab them.’

Cyrosch’s intends to increase partnerships with banks, fintech, payment and loyalty scheme providers to develop the next stage of the customer experience. Tink wants businesses to better understand their customers, which, in turn, can revolutionise their user experience. 

Speaking about customer experience, Cyrosh said ‘We have a great chance to propel not only financial services but those in related industries, to a new level of customer understanding and service. What really intrigued me when Tink approached me was the opportunity to do this through a powerful and versatile platform. One that lets us offer the best in data handling and transparency services to help businesses build game-changing solutions and experiences. We’re providing the tools for success, to make them the stars of open banking.’

More information about Dr. Cyrosch Kalateh is available on the case study page. To enquire about how we can help you with a similar hire, contact our team of experienced consultants at [email protected] or call on 020 7038 3838