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Dynamic Code is in the midst of a strong international expansion phase and is bringing in Louise Nylén as its new CEO

The HealthTech company Dynamic Code is now increasing its investments in establishing collaborations with primarily digital healthcare players and distributors such as pharmacy chains in several countries. A natural next phase in the company’s development that requires strengthening of management resources with the right skills and experience. Louise Nylén, former marketing manager at Trustly, will be the new CEO. She succeeds the founder Anne Kihlgren, who will continue within the company with a focus on strategic development.

“In a situation with a growing understanding of the benefits of distance care and e-health, Dynamic Code now has great opportunities to expand in both existing and new international markets. To  hire  a new CEO is an important next step in this effort “ , said Anne Kihlgren, CEO and founder of Dynamic Code.

With its development of new complete solutions for diagnoses based on DNA technology, Dynamic Code has strengthened the consumer’s ability to influence and control their own care. Easily, quickly and safely remotely and directly get in touch with doctors online, is currently changing, especially in primary care, the conditions fundamentally.

Approved technology throughout the EU opens up for international collaborations
Dynamic Codes’ offerings are now arousing increasing interest from international players. As the company’s tests are regulatory approved throughout the EU, the company is now increasing its investments in establishing partnerships with primarily digital healthcare players and distributors such as pharmacy chains in several countries. A natural next phase in the development of Dynamic Codes that requires strengthening of management resources with the right skills and experience.

Louise Nylén with 20 years of experience in international growth companies new CEO
The new CEO of Dynamic Code will be Louise Nylén. Louise most recently came from the role of marketing manager at the fintech company Trustly and before that she was vice president and marketing manager at LeoVegas. Louise will take up the role on November 1 this year. 

“ Healthcare is undergoing a paradigm shift, greatly led by the digital care providers where accessibility is improved and the patient’s ability to influence their own care situation increases. Dynamic Code’s products and platform are exactly right in time as they put the patient and their needs in focus. I am convinced that Dynamic Code can play an important role in the transformation of healthcare in the future, both within and outside Sweden’s borders. I look forward with excitement and humility to being a part of Dynamic Code’s continued journey,  says Louise Nylén.

Louise has  
20 years of experience from international growth companies  and hers background in the international arena and experience from completely different industries, will complement the team at Dynamic Code and lift us to the next level “ , Anne Kihlgren is convinced.

Anne will lead her specialist area
Anne will continue within the company with what she is passionate about the most – full focus on strategic development of the health test concept. “I am really looking forward to working close to Louise, getting the company to continue to grow and focus on my specialist area,” says Anne Kihlgren.

About Dynamic Code’s offering and travel
Dynamic Code translates the latest DNA research into products that streamline the care chain and bring health, diagnosis and treatment closer to the consumer. Examples are self-tests with laboratory analysis for a number of different diseases such as infections, sexually transmitted diseases, intolerances and tests for diet and lifestyle.

Dynamic Code’s journey actually started already in the 90s, when Anne Kihlgren worked at SKL (Statens Kriminaltekniska Laboratorium), the current NFC (National Forensic Center) with forensic DNA analyzes in criminal investigations. She saw the possibilities with DNA technology and how it can help people get answers to so much more, as long as it is made more accessible. She started Dynamic Code, which has since worked to develop specially adapted DNA tests in order to revolutionize healthcare and give people more control over their health.

Over the years, the company has grown and also developed a technical platform and a logistics flow that laid the foundation for diagnoses to be made at a distance. But it has not always been easy.

“ Rooted habits  and perceptions  about how a diagnosis should be made  have often  stood in the way of  our concept. Many of today’s guidelines were developed when the technical conditions for being able to easily  test themselves  did not even exist, and changes do not always go fast “, concludes Anne Kihlgren. 

First published on My News Desk by Dynamic Code on 2nd September