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A healthy bottom line: Re-thinking corporate health and wellbeing


Join us and support World Mental Health Day by challenging the fast-paced culture in tech, where mental health issues have taken their toll.

In support of World Mental Health Day in October, 360Leaders will challenge the culture that has come to define the sector. The Tech industry is known for innovation and progress. But the break neck speed at which the sector is evolving and it’s ‘always-on’ culture has taken it’d toll on many of its workers, often too scared to speak up.

Tech workers are five times more depressed than the UK average. Between 4 and 10% of the population experience depression and anxiety at some point in their life, but in the tech sector, this figure rises to 52%.

By discussing this taboo and opening up the debate on resilience, we want to offer attendees credible ways to change this stat.

With a panel of experts who will draw from personal experience and operational success, we ask some of today’s leading business leaders helping to tackle this silent killer, to uncover how human health is redefining organisational value.

• How can teams build and channel a supportive work culture that sets them up for success?

• Can venture capitalists test and measure the resilience of the teams that they invest in and how?

• How has human health affected the bottom line?

The speakers

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